Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Culture Dance

Culture Dance

Music & Dance in Jaisalmer is an essential part of the rich social and cultural life of the local indigenous population of the place. The folk songs and folk dance of Jaisalmer bears relics to the unique cultural heritage and traditional legacy of the bygone era that has percolated to the modern times. 

Any social and cultural occasion of Jaisalmer is incomplete without the brilliant performance of the highly talented artists of the place. Jaisalmer boasts of several indigenous folk dance styles that enthralls and enchants the spectators by its rhythmic steps and vibrant movements. One of the prominent indigenous dance forms of the local indigenous inhabitants of Jaisalmer is the Kalbeliya dance style. Performed primarily by the community of snake charmers of the place, the dancers move their body in a flexible manner with the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments of drums. 

The dancers of Kalbeliya dress in the traditional attire of long skirts that are usually black in color. The fine embroidery in the border of the skirts makes the traditional attire very attractive and colorful. The vibrant dance steps of the dancers of the folk dance display the artistic creativity and zeal of the performers who perform with full dedication. 

Some of the other prominent dance forms of Jaislamer are:
  • Ghoomar Dance- The Ghoomar dance is primarily performed by the female folk of Jaisalemr on special festive occasions.
  • Kathputli Dance- Representing the unique cultural traditions of Jaisalmer, the Kathputli dance reflects the artistic imagination of the organizers of the show who creatively arrange a dance drama of puppets for the entertainment of the audience.
A prominent part of Jaisalmer people, culture, festivals, the folk music and dance casts a magical spell on the spectators.